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Brands that captivate, that inspire — that stir lasting emotional connections. These are the qualities that inspired the founding of KnitWell Group. 

Never before has a collection of such iconic and inspiring American fashion brands come together under one name. Combining for more than 300 years of retail fashion credibility, our brands have built an enduring legacy, which continues to grow. 

We generate exceptional, sustainable results and believe that how we do things matters just as much as what we do. Uniting our storied brands and the people who are passionate about them, our collective strength drives growth and unlimited opportunity.  

Female-founded and female-led, KnitWell Group is a proud advocate of women-driven brands, sharing an unwavering commitment to build our businesses, lift up our people and provide exceptional service to our customers.

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We are unwaveringly passionate about our brands, our customers, and the business of fashion.

Creating meaningful connections is KnitWell Group’s first priority, as we honor and anticipate our customers’ needs and our associates’ aspirations, both in products and in services, through a 360-degree experience. Our assortments are unique and multi-generational, catering to the lifestyles of today’s American woman. 

United, we are strongest, but we also aim to grow our brands while staying true to their individual identities. We are committed to expanding a thriving retail landscape that contributes positively to people and supports the communities we serve.  



Opportunity and inclusivity are at the core of our company culture. We create opportunities for associates to reach their full potential, to grow in a career they love, and to bring their authentic selves to a welcoming workplace each day.   

We value all voices, believe our best ideas are born from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and encourage career development through education, real-world experience and exposure. We are committed to growing the next generation of retail leaders — those eager to play a part in transforming the retail landscape for the better. We listen, learn, evolve, and win together. 

KnitWell Group builds trust through respect, transparency and collaboration. We’re powered by purpose; by the pursuit of 
reinventing beauty and functionality, of complementing and even defining lifestyles. We cultivate confidence, drawing from our brands’ rich history, while encouraging innovation and prioritizing our brands’ ability to break barriers and thrive.


Lizanne Kindler

Executive Chair and CEO

Patrick Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Pisano

Chief Revenue Officer

Brian P. Keaveney

Chief Financial Officer

The KnitWell Group leadership team

Deeply driven by a purpose to unite, build and amplify the achievements of our brands and people.

Leon Green

Chief Brand and Design Officer

Ruthanne Russell

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jaap van Riel

Chief Technology Officer

Victoria Costa

Chief Supply Chain Officer

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International, Wholesale & Licensing

Timeless Style, Global Ambition

KnitWell Group’s roots are in the U.S., but our reach is worldwide — and our potential to expand our iconic brands is boundless. The products and experiences we deliver enable us to build strong connections with consumers across categories, channels and locations. 

We deliver unmatched value, with an expansive, talented and experienced team providing a strong foundation to build from. By implementing a strategic geographic approach, utilizing licensed partnerships to bolster offerings across categories, and expanding our channels to maximize commerce, we’re growing KnitWell Group’s footprint on the global map. 

We’re looking to work with best-in-class partners to drive the expansion of our brands and markets. If that’s you, contact us at

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